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8 Nov 2016  |  3 Comentarios

Would you sponsor a referee ahead of an athlete?

We are all familiar with the fact that a top division player wearing brandless black boots means that his previous contract has expired and that he is putting himself in the market for a new contract. What is less usual is to see referees doing the same. This is what surprised me when recently watching LaLiga’s Sevilla derbi, with referee Estrada Fernández wearing black boots like Sergio Ramos instead of the traditional Adidas outfit linked to sponsorship deal with Spanish Football Federation.

As a sports marketeer, I have always thought that sponsoring a referee would probably not be a good idea, considering the controversial way they can be featured in the media. In fact, fans blame the referees big time when they take the wrong decision (or even the right decision if going against their interests), while I have a tough time seeing them being hailed by the fans when their decisions go their way. (más…)

6 Sep 2016  |  0 Comentarios

Soccerex Transfer Review 2016-17 -Premier League-

Hello sport marketers! Soccerex Transfer Review 2016-17 -LaLiga Santander-  is already here, you can download full report through this link:

Full report Premier League



6 Sep 2016  |  0 Comentarios

Soccerex Transfer Review 2016-17 -LaLiga Santander-

Hello sport marketers! Soccerex Transfer Review 2016-17 -LaLiga Santander-  is already here, you can download full report through this link:

Full report LaLiga Santander

2 Sep 2016  |  1 Comentario

Why brands will tap into player’s videos on their very own “TV channels”

While almost everyone in football industry was talking about transfer window whopping spending, Paul Pogba was relaxed posting a video on his Instagram account that reached 1 million views and 300,000 likes in just 8 hours. The video had nothing special other than most expensive player in football history singing with team mates at France national team hotel. One week earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo had posted a Nike video ad on his Instagram that is already on 2 million views and 700,000 likes (high engagement levels even if being advertising). These are just a couple of examples of audience and engagement numbers that are simply unaffordable for ad blocks in many of most successful TV programs, and definitely at a much lower cost than when brands invest to feature in such videos.

Indeed the irruption of video at most popular social media is changing the content consumption landscape, and inevitably the way brands activate their sponsorship programs and player endorsements. Twitter says views are up by 220 times over past year and time spent watching video on Instagram is up 40%. And YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said recently that “Youtube reaches more 18-49 year olds in the US during primetime that the top 10 TV shows combined”. (más…)

17 Jul 2016  |  4 Comentarios

Brexit, Premier League’ first own goal

The unexpected UK exit from the EU puts at the borderline the most powerful football league in the world for the first time and translates into an excellent opportunity for LaLiga

On June 23rd a “match” not organised by the Premier League was held in Great Britain and its consequences could be a huge blow for the admired English clubs tournament. By voting in favour of “Brexit”, British fans did a disservice to its favourite competition, probably in the best time of its history. At a sporting level, the revolution on the benches will mean big changes in the most important teams in the tournament. The arrivals of Guardiola, Mourinho and Conte to Manchester City, United and Chelsea respectively, with the first full season of Klopp at Liverpool and the signing of Ronald Koeman by Everton, will translate into new sports projects at top Premier League clubs. (más…)

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