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Fútbol, de la copa y el puro a la city y el powerpoint

Hace unos días, cuando negociábamos su contratación como entrenador del CE Sabadell, Toni Seligrat me decía: “Madre mía cómo ha cambiado esto, no hace tanto tiempo los entrenadores negociábamos los contratos en los despachos profesionales de los directivos, llenos de humo y en plena noche, y a menudo con propuestas de pagos en dinero negro y otras cláusulas de lo más creativo”.

Efectivamente, a finales de la primera década del nuevo siglo todavía abundaban los directivos y propietarios tomando grandes decisiones sin la experiencia adecuada ni con profesionales contrastados a su lado. Y las cifras del negocio del fútbol no podían ser más desalentadoras. Casi 1600 millones de euros de pérdidas anuales en los clubs europeos, 19 de los 20 clubs de LaLiga generando pérdidas, deudas acumuladas en Europa de más de 7600 millones de euros y recurrentes denuncias de los jugadores por impago. El fútbol había tocado fondo y los inversores convencionales brillaban por su ausencia.

Fue entonces cuando los diferentes organismos que rigen el negocio del balón se pusieron manos a la obra, diseñando, aprobando y ejecutando una serie de iniciativas que a la postre han contribuido decisivamente al vuelco espectacular que ha vivido la industria del fútbol. Veamos. (más…)

Football management, from cigars in restaurants to powerpoints in the city

A few days ago, when we were negotiating his contract as manager of our latest venture CE Sabadel FCl, Toni Seligrat said to me: “Oh my God how much has this changed, not so long ago managers were negotiating new contracts in a Director’s personal office, full of smoke and in the middle of the night, and often with proposals of under the table payments and other very creative clauses”.

In fact, at the end of the first decade of the new century, club managers and owners were still making important decisions without the adequate experience or a team of experienced professionals on their side. And the numbers of the football business couldn’t be any more disappointing. Nearly €1,6bio of annual losses in European clubs, 19 out of 20 LaLiga clubs generating losses, accumulated debts in Europe of more than €7,6bio and recurring player complaints for non-payment. Football had hit rock bottom and conventional investors were conspicuous by their absence.

It was then that the different bodies that govern football business rolled up their sleeves, designing, approving and executing several initiatives that in the end have contributed decisively to the spectacular turnaround that the football industry has experienced. Let’s elaborate on that. (más…)

A move to giant club could maximise Antoine Griezmann’s popularity, earnings

Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann could seriously improve his off-pitch earning potential by joining one of Europe’s top clubs, according to Prime Time Sport CEO Esteve Calzada.

Griezmann’s emergence as a top player on the pitch for both Atletico and France in recent years has been accompanied by a marked increase in the scope and prestige of the off-pitch deals agreed by his advisors.   (más…)

Manchester United’s target Antoine Griezmann in the spotlight of Image Rights

The name Antoine Griezmann is no strange to any football fan today. The French striker has been improving and growing fast in the last couple of seasons, both on and off the pitch. His quality and skills with a ball on his feet made him reach a Champions League final last season with Atlético de Madrid and a UEFA Euro final a few months later with France. His personality, his looks and the values that he projects, have turned him into a very attractive proposition off the pitch too. He is today the total footballer in Europe, adding commercial success to the one he has on the pitch. (más…)

Football Tranfer Review 2017 Chinese Super League edition

Hello sport marketers! Football Transfer Review 2017 -Chinese Super League edition-  is already here, you can download full report through this link:

Full report Chinese Super League

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