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16 Mar 2017  |  12 Comentarios

A move to giant club could maximise Antoine Griezmann’s popularity, earnings

Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann could seriously improve his off-pitch earning potential by joining one of Europe’s top clubs, according to Prime Time Sport CEO Esteve Calzada.

Griezmann’s emergence as a top player on the pitch for both Atletico and France in recent years has been accompanied by a marked increase in the scope and prestige of the off-pitch deals agreed by his advisors.   (más…)

3 Mar 2017  |  1 Comentario

Manchester United’s target Antoine Griezmann in the spotlight of Image Rights

The name Antoine Griezmann is no strange to any football fan today. The French striker has been improving and growing fast in the last couple of seasons, both on and off the pitch. His quality and skills with a ball on his feet made him reach a Champions League final last season with Atlético de Madrid and a UEFA Euro final a few months later with France. His personality, his looks and the values that he projects, have turned him into a very attractive proposition off the pitch too. He is today the total footballer in Europe, adding commercial success to the one he has on the pitch. (más…)

1 Mar 2017  |  0 Comentarios

Football Tranfer Review 2017 Chinese Super League edition

Hello sport marketers! Football Transfer Review 2017 -Chinese Super League edition-  is already here, you can download full report through this link:

Full report Chinese Super League

8 Feb 2017  |  3 Comentarios

Football Transfer Review 2017 winter window

Hello sport marketers! Footbal Transfer Review 2017 -winter window-  is already here, you can download full report through this link:

Full report LaLiga Santander


8 Nov 2016  |  0 Comentarios

Would you sponsor a referee ahead of an athlete?

We are all familiar with the fact that a top division player wearing brandless black boots means that his previous contract has expired and that he is putting himself in the market for a new contract. What is less usual is to see referees doing the same. This is what surprised me when recently watching LaLiga’s Sevilla derbi, with referee Estrada Fernández wearing black boots like Sergio Ramos instead of the traditional Adidas outfit linked to sponsorship deal with Spanish Football Federation.

As a sports marketeer, I have always thought that sponsoring a referee would probably not be a good idea, considering the controversial way they can be featured in the media. In fact, fans blame the referees big time when they take the wrong decision (or even the right decision if going against their interests), while I have a tough time seeing them being hailed by the fans when their decisions go their way. (más…)

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