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Real Madrid players smash the numbers on social media around Champions League final

Welcome to the first release of Players Marketing Newsletter by Prime Time Sport.

Thru these lines we will be able to periodically review and analyze players’ marketing and commercial activities that are the talk in the news and, more importantly, have become an effective and affordable communication platform for brands around the world.

In this first editorial, I want to catch your attention with some astonishing social media figures generated around UEFA Champions League Final. The clash between Madrid rivals, which took place on Saturday May 24th in Lisbon, produced 3,9mio posts (Facebook and Twitter) and 12bio possible impressions on Twitter just during the weekend of the match.

The winners, Real Madrid, fielded 14 players that in total have as much as 210mio fans globally (166mio on Facebook and 44mio on Twitter). Of them, Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has the most appealing social media profile, with 83mio likes in his Facebook page and 26mio followers on his Twitter account. During the 2 days before and after the final, these 14 players wrote 54 tweets which were tagged as “favorite” almost 550,000 times.

Most expensive player ever Gareth Bale collected the highest number of favorite tweets (8 tweets got 132,000 in total), followed by Iker Casillas (131,000) and crucial goal scorer Sergio Ramos (101,000). Celebration tweets by Bale (33,600 favorites), Casillas (33,100) and Ramos (23,100) were the most successful among Champions League winners. Sergio Ramos wrote the largest number of tweets (10 in those 4 days), while Isco was the “laziest” player of the winners with just 1.

All in all whopping numbers which proof the communication and commercial power of social media, and that make it difficult to understand how nowadays there are still big name players that did not yet start using it. Therefore, social media news and case studies will always be present in this Players Marketing Newsletter, along with a selection of best advertising campaigns featuring players as ambassadors for brands. I hope you enjoy it!

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