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Twitter, just one of us in the locker room

800 players in top 5 European leagues have made more than 900,000 tweets – Cristiano Ronaldo, the king of Twitter, on his way to 20 million followers– Real Madrid and FC Barcelona dominate Europe – The account of Real Madrid player Álvaro Arbeloa, the oldest in Spanish football and among the first 10 in Europe – Leo Messi, the big absent – Atlético de Madrid players, the most stuck to Twitter

The match just finished. Getting into the locker room and even before having a shower, getting the mobile phone to tweet “Happy for the match and the result, need to keep on working hard”. Birth of a new sun. Even before the grand parents get to know him, a tweet including a photo presents the new member of the family: “Andrés is already, mom and baby doing great”. While media speculate about talks regarding contract renewal, player’s Twitter account clarifies the situation: “We have not yet started any negotiation”.

The report Twitter Players Review 2013, recently published by Prime Time Sport, confirms what all of us knew. The 140 characters social network gets spreads in the locker room and is becoming a close companion of the players, who also compete to recruite new followers. The report provides interesting data such as:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, with more than 19 million followers, leads a European ranking which includes 7 La Liga players in the top 10.

  • Real Madrid, thanks to success of Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaká, is the European club whose players accumulate more followers (45 million). FC Barcelona (35 million) and Manchester United (21 million) are far behind. Atlético de Madrid gets in at European top 10 of clubs with almost 4 million followers, although Falcao will “take with him” to Mónaco 60% of followers. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona players, with 75% and 70% respectively, have the highest Twitter penetration in Europe.

  • English Premier League has the highest Twitter penetration in Europe, as 51% of players have an active account in the social network. La Liga follows with 37% penetration. Twitter has not been successful so far at Bundesliga, where just 14% of players have an active account.

  • Atletico de Madrid players are the most active at La Liga, and have made 19,000 tweets already. On the other side, Espanyol has the least active players (just 2,200 tweets in total).

  • The list of top players which are not yet on Twitter includes the likes of Messi, Iker Casillas, Xavi Hernández, David Beckham, Frank Ribéry and Andrea Pirlo.

  • Chelsea player Lucas Piazón (on loan at Málaga for the season 2012/13) uses Twitter more intensively than any other player in La Liga, as he tweets in average 8,93 times a day. Next is new signing by Atlético de Madrid, Leo Baptistao, with 6,22 twwets per day.

There is no doubt that Twitter penetration will continue to grow rapidly, while more and more clubs establish rules for its correct usage by players and the brands prepare themselves to take advantage of the great communication potential associated to critical mass of followers. The media have also adapted rapidly to the new communication scenario, converting the challenge created by the democratization of content into an opportunity. The truth is that tweets by players now reach all the followers at the same time, so there is no space for exclusive news. In any case, the 900,000 tweets made so far by players in top 5 European leagues (150,000 in Spain) are an amazing source of free content ready to be reproduced. The downside is that all other journalists get it at the very same moment.


  1. Publish exclusive content and breaking news.

  2. Maximize the number of tweets.

  3. Upload photos on a regular basis (not just text).

  4. Publishing commitment. Tweet regularly and never “disappear” for long periods of time.

  5. Share personal life activities.

  6. Tweet by yourself (authenticity). Followers want to consume original content, so if tweets have been written by someone else it easily shows.

  7. Find the way so that your Twitter accounts gets easily linked with yourself (book the name or nicknames you normally use).

  8. Interact with your followers, responding them as much as feasible.

  9. Offer the followers the opportunity to meet you in person. You can do so thru draws and promotions if you have too many.

  10. Try to be followed and get retweeted by accounts with higher number of followers possible.

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