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Great media covering of the Soccerex 20 U21 report by Prime Time Sport

Soccerex 20 U21 report by Prime Time Sport received once again great covering and feedback from many Spanish and International media. Kylian Mbappé focused a lot of attention as he was crowned the most valuable youngster in world football (192.3 million euros), but also the fourth position of Barcelona's forward Ousmane Dembelé and his value (still under what the Catalan giants paid for his services) was one of the main topics by the media.

The report was mentioned a second time in the media when the Brazilian left-footed Malcom (Girondins) signed for FC.Barcelona. Malcom was in the fifth position of the table with a valuation of 66.4 million euros. Barcelona managed to sign him for a lot less a few days after the publication of our report.

The clipping can be consulted here.

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