October 25, 2014

The World Cup is now gone and saw, once again, multiple advertising campaigns featuring a wide number of players of many different nationalities. Be it a sponsorship of a national team or campaigns with players on their own in their individual capacity (hence not displaying any team imagery), we have seen winners and losers also off the pitch.

Our first newsletter of the season -and first after the World Cup- allows us to realize that there is “life” outside the big tournaments in terms of using players as media and communication platforms. Since then, we have seen high profile brands activating year-long existing deals –such as Replay, EA Sports, Adidas, Nike and Lucozade-, but also new agreements for usual suspects such as Andrés Iniesta, Raheem Sterling, Pelé or even the more and more popular manager of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti.

Using players (or managers or legends) outside the big tournaments may come with more limited global impact, but offers major benefits such as:

  1. Reducti...

September 5, 2014

When José Mourinho arrived in Spain to manage Real Madrid in 2010 no one was used to a manager keen on capitalizing media headlines and paper covers, in a strategy that would result not just in him creating his own “brand” but also in pressure taken away from players. But when I moved to London at the end of 2013 I realized that this was common practice in England, where managers capture media attention well ahead of players individually, who are not conceding press conferences and interviews as often as managers do.

As a result, managers are nowadays becoming increasingly popular, have started to be less reluctant to social media and ultimately became keen on becoming ambassadors for brands and on cashing-in money associated to it. In fact, never before football has seen a collection of managers on duty with such an enormous global popularity and therefore with a real possibility to compete for endorsements with most successful players off the pitch.

We have recently seen José Mourinho...

July 30, 2014

Dr Dre is definitely on fire. Apart from just selling his Beats business to Apple for a whopping 3bio USD figure, the company completed one of the most successful campaigns ever built 100% on the usage of celebrities, including some of the biggest names in the football game.

Far from deciding to become FIFA sponsor (which would have cost Beats not less than 60mioUSD a year), and thanks to its amazing capacity to attract top football players with little cash investment, the premium headphones brand put together its “Game before the game” campaign. The aim was very clear: to opportunistically link the brand to World Cup event and drive sales and awareness.

So it successfully recruited the likes of Neymar, Van Persie, Fabregas, Chicharito Hernández, Sturridge, Suárez, Sagna, Ferdinand, Götze, Schweinsteiger, Matuidi and Henry, not to mention big names from other sports such as Lebron James and Serena Williams. Then shot a commercial that has had already as much as 23,5mio views on Youtube a...

May 28, 2014

Welcome to the first release of Players Marketing Newsletter by Prime Time Sport.

Thru these lines we will be able to periodically review and analyze players’ marketing and commercial activities that are the talk in the news and, more importantly, have become an effective and affordable communication platform for brands around the world.

In this first editorial, I want to catch your attention with some astonishing social media figures generated around UEFA Champions League Final. The clash between Madrid rivals, which took place on Saturday May 24th in Lisbon, produced 3,9mio posts (Facebook and Twitter) and 12bio possible impressions on Twitter just during the weekend of the match.

The winners, Real Madrid, fielded 14 players that in total have as much as 210mio fans globally (166mio on Facebook and 44mio on Twitter). Of them, Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has the most appealing social media profile, with 83mio likes in his Facebook page and 26mio followers on his Twitter account. Du...

January 9, 2014

Jamón ibérico, wine… and now football players as well. Just like that. Last summer player transfers window has seen the number of Spanish players going international reach its higher ever. As much as 222 Spanish players are registered in top division leagues all over the world, resulting in yet another precious “good” exported globally by the country of La Liga.

Growth for 6th consecutive year

Since national team won 2008 Austria-Switzerland’ Euro, the number of players from Spain in international leagues has kept on growing. More precisely, the number has more than tripled, going from 70 at season 2008-09 to as much as 222 nowadays. And not just that, as during last years we have also seen a wide proliferation of Spanish players in the other top European leagues –England, Germany, Italy and France-, also multiplying by 3 to a total of 48 at season 2013-14, which also shows the improvement on the technical skills of the players from the country of La Roja.

All over the world and with Prem...

October 26, 2013

It was in London, financial and football European capital, on October 10th 2013. The crème de la crème of football business was gathering around Leaders conference in Stamford Bridge. Executives from all over the world were moving around to meet-up with best contacts, in search for business for their respective entities. And in there I had the opportunity to chat with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona international executives. For all of them a very straight forward objective: “To catch business”. And such objective is very often pursued in fight with eternal rivals. Indeed, more and more friendly games promoters and potential sponsors from remote geographies have to pick one of the 2 Spanish giants to do business. For that, executives from the “merengues” and the “culés” use their skills and state-of-art presentations to bring the client home.

The off-pitch rivalry among clásico protagonists is not anything of recent times. In fact, and for 4 consecutive seasons, Real Madrid and FC Barcelon...

July 7, 2013

800 players in top 5 European leagues have made more than 900,000 tweets – Cristiano Ronaldo, the king of Twitter, on his way to 20 million followers– Real Madrid and FC Barcelona dominate Europe – The account of Real Madrid player Álvaro Arbeloa, the oldest in Spanish football and among the first 10 in Europe – Leo Messi, the big absent – Atlético de Madrid players, the most stuck to Twitter

The match just finished. Getting into the locker room and even before having a shower, getting the mobile phone to tweet “Happy for the match and the result, need to keep on working hard”. Birth of a new sun. Even before the grand parents get to know him, a tweet including a photo presents the new member of the family: “Andrés is already, mom and baby doing great”. While media speculate about talks regarding contract renewal, player’s Twitter account clarifies the situation: “We have not yet started any negotiation”.

The report Twitter Players Review 2013, recently published by Prime Time Sport, con...

May 25, 2013

Next Saturday Wembley Stadium will be the focus of global attention when hosting the second UEFA Champions League final in 3 years. Close to 90,000 spectators will crowd the stands of this mythical venue in the most important event in the international club football calendar. 

It will be the tenth time –including the final Premier League play-off promotion match that Crystal Palace and Watford will play on May 27th- during season 2012-2013 in which the iconic ground will gather more than 80,000 people. So considering that Wembley is not linked to any club in particular and it is owned by the Football Association, the recurrent capacity to attract crowds is out of question and is unprecedented globally. 

The importance of result at matches held –most of times with trophies or other sporting rewards in dispute- converted Wembley Stadium into a place of pilgrimage for players and fans, that every season dream of achieving necessary spor...

March 24, 2013

On December 23rd 2012 the news that Iker Casillas would seat on the bench at La Liga game in Malaga spread rapidly around the globe. The legend goalkeeper, adored by Real Madrid and Spanish National team fans, was not among the first eleven in a league game for the first time in 10 years. Just few weeks later, the agents representing Victor Valdés announced that the best goalkeeper in FC Barcelona history had decided not to renew the contract that will expire on June 2014, provoking yet another media earthquake and a major headache to Barça fans. All of a sudden, and almost at the same time, football executives of both Spanish giants found themselves in bad need of identifying potential substitutes for their long standing and legend keepers. 

Iker Casillas and Victor Valdes have become myths of their respective teams by virtue of their fantastic performance and leadership. Casillas is now on his 14th se...

January 26, 2013

On Wednesday January 16 around 4pm Bayer Munich put its low traffic twitter account on spotlight when officially announcing the signing of Pep Guardiola as new manager of the Bavarian club as of July 2013. The news of the new destination chosen by successful Catalan manager got spread immediately on the net and social networks –Bayern Munich recruited 3.000 new twitter followers in just 3 minutes- and the following Guardiola´s arrival to Bayern was in the cover page of most prestigious international sport papers, possibility at reach only on an extraordinary event of the such as winning a UEFA Champions League. 

At first sight, Guardiola’s signing may appear to be one more football decision in search for a pitch results turn around, since Bayern has not won the Bundesliga for 2 consecutive years and lifted its last Champions League trophy in San Siro 11 years ago. 

In fact, everything else is apparently great...

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