May 25, 2013

Next Saturday Wembley Stadium will be the focus of global attention when hosting the second UEFA Champions League final in 3 years. Close to 90,000 spectators will crowd the stands of this mythical venue in the most important event in the international club football calendar. 

It will be the tenth time –including the final Premier League play-off promotion match that Crystal Palace and Watford will play on May 27th- during season 2012-2013 in which the iconic ground will gather more than 80,000 people. So considering that Wembley is not linked to any club in particular and it is owned by the Football Association, the recurrent capacity to attract crowds is out of question and is unprecedented globally. 

The importance of result at matches held –most of times with trophies or other sporting rewards in dispute- converted Wembley Stadium into a place of pilgrimage for players and fans, that every season dream of achieving necessary spor...

March 24, 2013

On December 23rd 2012 the news that Iker Casillas would seat on the bench at La Liga game in Malaga spread rapidly around the globe. The legend goalkeeper, adored by Real Madrid and Spanish National team fans, was not among the first eleven in a league game for the first time in 10 years. Just few weeks later, the agents representing Victor Valdés announced that the best goalkeeper in FC Barcelona history had decided not to renew the contract that will expire on June 2014, provoking yet another media earthquake and a major headache to Barça fans. All of a sudden, and almost at the same time, football executives of both Spanish giants found themselves in bad need of identifying potential substitutes for their long standing and legend keepers. 

Iker Casillas and Victor Valdes have become myths of their respective teams by virtue of their fantastic performance and leadership. Casillas is now on his 14th se...

January 26, 2013

On Wednesday January 16 around 4pm Bayer Munich put its low traffic twitter account on spotlight when officially announcing the signing of Pep Guardiola as new manager of the Bavarian club as of July 2013. The news of the new destination chosen by successful Catalan manager got spread immediately on the net and social networks –Bayern Munich recruited 3.000 new twitter followers in just 3 minutes- and the following Guardiola´s arrival to Bayern was in the cover page of most prestigious international sport papers, possibility at reach only on an extraordinary event of the such as winning a UEFA Champions League. 

At first sight, Guardiola’s signing may appear to be one more football decision in search for a pitch results turn around, since Bayern has not won the Bundesliga for 2 consecutive years and lifted its last Champions League trophy in San Siro 11 years ago. 

In fact, everything else is apparently great...

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