January 9, 2014

Jamón ibérico, wine… and now football players as well. Just like that. Last summer player transfers window has seen the number of Spanish players going international reach its higher ever. As much as 222 Spanish players are registered in top division leagues all over the world, resulting in yet another precious “good” exported globally by the country of La Liga.

Growth for 6th consecutive year

Since national team won 2008 Austria-Switzerland’ Euro, the number of players from Spain in international leagues has kept on growing. More precisely, the number has more than tripled, going from 70 at season 2008-09 to as much as 222 nowadays. And not just that, as during last years we have also seen a wide proliferation of Spanish players in the other top European leagues –England, Germany, Italy and France-, also multiplying by 3 to a total of 48 at season 2013-14, which also shows the improvement on the technical skills of the players from the country of La Roja.

All over the world and with Prem...

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